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Machine Learning driven, personalised automated cryptocurrency portfolio trade automation to help you easily manage your assets.

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TeraBlock Illustration

TBC Token IDO is Concluded

TBC Token IDO is Concluded

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We started TeraBlock in the wake of crypto-assets evolution, to be the simplest machine learning based trading platform to help people make the most out of trading crypto-assets.

Shivam Tandon, Founder & CEO

Innovating Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

  • 100% Portfolio Trade Automation

    TeraBlock is the most advanced portfolio trade automation tool in the market! Designed to protect your funds against market volatility. Our machine learning driven algorithms consistently learn and improves on executing successful trades.

  • Gain Confidence in a New Asset Class

    Being new to digital assets can be intimidating in a market where big price swings and extreme volatility can downgrade your entire portfolio in minutes. Our technology is designed to manage your portfolio with the help of trade automation while managing risk and giving your funds an opportunity to grow.

  • Simplest way to Buy Crypto

    TeraBlock is a fully automated machine learning-driven trade automation platform designed to help you buy and easily manage your crypto portfolio. Our machine-learning driven strategies know exactly when to enter the market so you don’t have to worry about spending days or weeks to find an optimum entry.

  • Let us do the work for you

    Are you rebalancing your portfolio to maintain your risk level? Seeking Protection against market volatility? Wanting stringent risk-management tools with real-time position management? Terrablock is optimized for an easier, automated trading experience.

How it works

We take sophisticated trading strategies and make them simple to use with personalized automated trading.



Buy Crypto

Buy Crypto

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Use a bank debit or credit card to buy cryptocurrency.
  • Instantly get your crypto credited to your account.
  • Competitive asset prices and fees.
  • Start automating your trades with the help of Machine Learning driven trading algorithms within minutes.

Index Trade Automation

Index Trade Automation

We offer four pre-defined indexes based on total market cap, asset performance, project overview and statistical data. With just one click, users can view the previous real time and historic trading data.

Once an index is selected and confirmed by a user then Terablock begins to work. It will buy all the assets as directed by the user and will continuously monitor the market. As soon as market starts a correction our intelligent trading engine will exit the pair in the base currency of the index and will wait for the market trend to change for it to buy in. Our engine users low frequency trading and only trades when there is a change in market conditions.

Users have an option to create their own index and choose $ USD or BTC maximisation.

  • Simple to use one click setup.
  • Pre-defined indexes or create your own.
  • Create your own index.
  • $ USD or BTC maximisation.
  • Real time and historic performance data.
  • 24/7 market monitoring.



Automated Portfolio Trading

Automated Portfolio Trading

This product is suitable for experienced users who have a basic knowledge of trading. Users can simply drag and drop cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange to create their portfolio. Once the portfolio is created users can select an existing trading strategy or create a set of trading rules to buy and sell for profit or stop loss. Simply with a click of a button they can view the past performance of the portfolio based on the options selected.

Once the portfolio is created our Machine Learning based trading algorithms manage the entire portfolio without the user’s intervention. Users can choose $ USD or BTC maximisation.

  • Fully automated portfolio trading.
  • User-defined portfolios.
  • Real time and historic performance data.
  • $ USD or BTC maximisation.
  • Simple to use drag and drop setup.
  • 24/7 market monitoring.



Our technology manages your trading

Our technology manages your trading

Here’s where our technology gets to work. We’ll trade your portfolio based on your preferred risk level. As your investments produce profits, we reinvest them for you to avoid cash drag.

Easily Buy Crypto

Instantly buy and sell crypto with bank card - Visa and MasterCard.

Trade Automation

Simplest platform to start trading cryptocurrencies with no prior experience.

Secured Wallets

Most trusted and secure Binance powered cryptocurrency wallets.

Simple Fees Structure

No extra subscription or management fees, only pay standard exchange trading fees.


TeraBlock ecosystem powered by Binance’s superior security, and technology.


TeraBlock user funds are insured against theft.

Easy Access

TeraBlock application available available across all platforms - web and mobile.

One Stop Solution

TeraBlock is the simplest one-stop solution for all crypto related needs.


Technology Partner

TeraBlock ecosystem will be powered by Binance’s superior security, technology, and liquidity solutions.

Binance Cloud provides the exchange technology infrastructure while enabling us to focus on business development and operations.

Business Growth Accelerator

TeraBlock’s business growth is accelerated by Scalex Venture Program.

Blockchain Founders Fund is a seed and early-stage investment fund and venture builder. Focussing on adding value to blockchain and emerging technology projects with real-world applications.

Trade, Convert & OTC Portal

Seamlessly exchange between your favorite digital assets

Terablock makes trading incredibly efficient. With Binance’s deep liquidity and order books, you can trade between assets with near-instant speeds without the worry of slippage or spreads.

Users can easily convert their assets on the portal without having to worry about order books and trading fees.

  • Simple to use user interface.
  • Better prices for making large crypto block trades.
  • Lock in prices the moment quote is accepted.
  • Protection against the risk of excessive slippage while making large transactions.
  • Price shown is an all-inclusive price with no hidden charges.

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